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Kentucky, a land with many famous bridges throughout the beautiful countryside. When it comes to bridgework for your mouth, what better place to look than your Bowling Green KY 42101 dentist? At Southern Kentucky Smiles, your highly skilled and experienced dentist takes care to address all of your concerns, discussing and explaining your treatment options so that you can make the most informed decisions about your oral health. Providing a comprehensive selection of solutions for teeth restoration and replacement, Dr. Travelsted can help you build a bridge to a better, healthier smile.

42101 Dentist

Bridges for your teeth are a lot like bridges that cross bodies of water. It’s not just a coincidence in names; some may even say that it’s a mild attempt at humor from the old-fashioned dentists who invented the treatment. Consider a gap in someone’s smile, where there are missing teeth. Those teeth on either end, between the gap, are like the land on either side of a river. A lot like the Old Richardsville Road Bridge that spans the Barren River, dental bridges are secured on the land on either side—for our purposes, your treated neighboring teeth. The actual bridge—instead of a road or railway—is a prosthetic tooth or teeth. Unlike land bridges however, dental bridges are custom fabricated and designed to match the shade and shape of your natural teeth, providing a seamless transition among your anchoring natural teeth. If you’re missing teeth, to fill the gap, you’ll want to visit the Bowling Green KY, 42101 dentist with an established reputation for building dental bridges.

If you’re ready to turn that space in your smile into water under the bridge, get in touch with your expert Bowling Green KY, 42101 dentist, right here at Southern Kentucky Smiles. Bridges can make all the difference in your daily life, whether it’s eating, speaking or just feeling more confident about your appearance. To make an appointment with an excellent dentist, call the office of Dr. Travelsted at the number below.


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