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Teeth cleaning in Bowling Green

Where can I get a teeth cleaning in Bowling Green?

Dental plaque is constantly trying to undermine our oral health. Fighting back with an excellent at-home oral health regimen and the professional help of your dentist is what it takes to establish and maintain a healthy smile. At Southern Kentucky Smiles, their experienced dentist provides the height of preventative dental care for his patients, as your source for regular checkups, dental health education, and professional teeth cleaning in Bowling Green. Skilled in a considerable range of additional dental services, from restorative and emergency care, to cosmetic options, your dentist is prepared to intervene when dental conditions arise. Warmly welcoming patients of all ages to his comfortable Bowling Green office, Dr. Travelsted provides highly individualized care, and is an excellent resource for any oral treatment related questions you may have.

Teeth cleaning in Bowling Green

The problem with plaque isn’t just that it’s kind of yucky; it’s got living colonies of harmful bacteria stirring inside. Capable of causing dental decay and even leading to gum disease, if plaque isn’t routinely and properly removed from the teeth and gums, it can spell trouble for your oral health. Just like the American Dental Association recommends, your dentist complements at-home brushing and flossing by checking on your technique, providing helpful tips for difficult to reach areas. Your dentist at Southern Kentucky Smiles also is your resource for professional teeth cleaning in Bowling Green. Making sure that no tartar is left unturned, only a specialist can touch up those problem areas in your mouth. Providing dental sealants and fluoride treatments for his pediatric patients, preventative care for children focuses on taking a preemptive strike against dental decay.

At any age, receiving routine care in the form of checkups and teeth cleaning in Bowling Green are prime ingredients in the recipe for excellent oral health. To schedule an appointment for superior preventative care right here in Bowling Green, call Dr. Travelsted at Southern Kentucky Smiles.

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