Emergency Dentist in Bowling Green

Where can I find a emergency dentist in Bowling Green?

Are you experiencing oral pain? At Southern Kentucky Smiles, your experienced emergency dentist in Bowling Green provides a wide range of dentistry services for you and your family. From the most essential preventive and emergency services, to the most advanced restorative, prosthetic and cosmetic treatments, Dr. Travelsted is well prepared to provide you with state-of-the-art care in the event of a dental emergency. Whether you’ve chipped a tooth, cracked a filling, bridge, or worse, your emergency dentist in Bowling Green is committed to providing you with the highest quality oral healthcare when you need it most.

Emergency Dentist in Bowling Green

Every now and again, restorative fillings can become loosened over time, or damaged in the event of an injury. Since fillings are used to seal up deep crevices in teeth, if one of your fillings becomes loose or damaged, it’s critical that your visit your emergency dentist in Bowling Green as soon as possible. Even the most miniscule space between the filling and the tooth can provide an entry point for harmful bacteria, capable of infecting the vital tissue deep inside the tooth. With infections of this sort, your dentist may need to provide root canal therapy to effectively remove any bacteria and rescue the compromised tooth. When fillings become damaged, they commonly leave a sharp edge in your mouth as well, making your tongue and cheeks susceptible to cuts. If you’ve damaged a restorative filling, crown, bridge or denture, you can depend on your emergency dentist in Bowling Green to provide the prompt and effective care that you require. From maintenance and repairs for dental prosthetics, to root canal therapy performed with gentle precision, your dentist will do his utmost to restore your oral health and have you smiling once again.

You can count on Southern Kentucky Smiles for your general, family, and emergency oral care needs. By taking down the number below for your emergency dentist in Bowling Green, you can do your part to prepare for a dental emergency. To schedule the soonest possible time to receive emergency treatment, call today.


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