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Local Dentist in Bowling Green

Bowling Green Local Dentist

When you’re a dentist, cavities, plaque, and other tales of dental decay are familiar stories. No stranger to providing expert preventative oral care, your local dentist in Bowling Green is securing happy endings to many otherwise daunting dental chronicles. With the experience and diligence you deserve from your oral care provider, the specialist at Southern Kentucky Smiles warmly welcomes new patients, and is happy to start them back on the road to excellent oral health.

Local Dentist in Bowling Green

Colonies of destructive bacteria reside in plaque—the sticky film that coats your teeth if not removed—and are the root cause of tooth decay and gum disease. That’s why it’s so important to brush and floss regularly—that’s not fiction. Your local dentist in Bowling Green is an expert at teaching children, adults, as well as parents of young children, the ins and outs of brushing and flossing thoroughly and properly. The American Dental Association advise patients not only to brush and floss daily, but to schedule regular checkups and teeth cleanings with their dentist. Placing an emphasis on preventive care, Dr. Travelsted provides comprehensive oral exams to check on the health, development and function of your teeth, gums and jaws. Sticking to regularly scheduled appointments for dental exams and teeth cleanings with your dentist means that any dental conditions that may arise can be spotted early on, when they are easiest to treat most successfully. A good at-home dental hygiene regimen and regular professional cleanings are the perfect complement.  Further supplementing your at-home oral care regimen with periodic fluoride treatments, and, for children, the application of dental sealants, your teeth will have an added layer of defense against the harmful bacteria in plaque.

The bacteria found in plaque can be kept at bay through a proper preventive oral care regimen. Your talented local dentist in Bowling Green is more than happy to help close the book on dental decay. To embark on your journey into a world of better oral health, call the number below to schedule an appointment at Southern Kentucky Smiles.


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